Partnering with Sherri Gamble

I met with Redmond artist, Sherri Gamble. She is the other Artist in Residence at VALA this year. Sherri is a glass artist who is also interested in investigating our relationship to technology. We shared our project proposals and what excited me is how we adapt our body gestures to technology. Specifically, she is looking at how we use our hands to hold smart phones, tablets, and other various gadgets. 

I shared with her how I saw programming as a craft skill, not unlike other skills such as handweaving, woodworking, sewing and yes, glass casting. The process of learning the basic craft, how to manipulate the material. It's only after practice and experience that you can anticipate technical problems, continually refining the final product until it is completed. Writing code you start out with the idea, rough something out, maybe go back and redesign your initial idea. Then you develop the basic idea, maybe working out some unanticipated problems along the way. Once the initial work is completed, it's time to evaluate, possibly rework some rough spots, maybe even throw away bits and pieces that were wrong to begin with. Finally, after the refining work, the piece is done.

Sherri ended up making a piece in response to my work, which is on display in the installation at VALA. She cast a PC motherboard in glass, There are copper inclusions in the glass with a lovely turquoise patina. You should check it out when you visit the art center.

I plan on creating a video to accompany her installation later this year.