Airport Art

A recently completed study investigates the use of state and federal grants to fund projects for preservation and capital improvement at Washington’s airports. The Airport Investment Study estimates that the state’s 134 public-use airports will need $3.6 billion in projects during the next 20 years.

With 1% for Art, that's 36 million dollars for art projects. Hmm...I better get busy. But I wonder if the airport really is interested in encrypted codes about viruses and hacking. <grin> 

My Playhouse

I just took a work/play space in Langley, WA out on Whidbey Island! Wahoo!

It's part of the compound owned by artist and architect Ron Kasprisin, It's a 700 square foot loft space, with an adjacent 50 square foot cottage with deck, perfect for writing, napping, meditating, whatever. The buildings sit on six acres of mostly native woods, with a vineyard, small orchard, and garden. Ron has a team of workers to handle most of the maintenance. All I need to do is show up and work.

The space has a galley kitchen with oven, full-size refrigerator, microwave oven, pantry, and tons of storage. There is a wood stove in the event power goes out. It's at one end of a large main space with about a 100 square foot loft. The main floor has a built in Murphy bed, separate toilet/shower and stacked washer/dryer. Lots of big windows and storage. Built in about 2011, it has double pane windows, well insulated, a  large wooden porch in front and a deck in back. Oh yes, and DSL Internet. 

I saw the listing posted on the Artist Trust website in March. I responded to the ad on a whim. At the time I inquired, the space was taken. After about a week, Ron contacted me and said that the arrangement with the previous tenant fell through and would I still be interested? I went out to see the space, thinking that it might be a better fit for Suzanne Tidwell,, another artist looking for a live/work space, not expecting to like the space at all.

It feels like a spontaneous decision, except that it's been a long-time dream to have a workspace out on the islands in Puget Sound and still maintain a residence on the mainland. I had been thinking Port Townsend, but that feels too remote. Langley is smaller, still a tourist destination, supports a thriving artist community and except for the 20 minute ferry ride, and a straight shot north on the freeway from Kirkland. With ferry, it's about an hour''s leisurely drive the house. I'm mentally committing to keeping the place over the summer, to see if I like the slower space, if I'm more productive, it it makes me happy to be there. Port Townsend isn't out of the question either, but with ferry service from Keystone directly to Port Townsend, it's also a shorter trip from Langley.

No plans at this time to sell my house or move my looms. I'd consider a condo if the right situation presents itself.